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20. Medior Java Developer

As a Medior Java Developer you work as part of the software development team. You are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the Java based applications that support our business. You will be coding, testing and implementing changes to java components and interfaces according to functional and technical requirements.


· Develop, test, implement and maintain java applications

· Manage your individual weekly or sprint planning and report progression

· Analyze user requirements to determine how to translate into Java

· Ensure performance and compliancy to development and quality standards

  • Test to ensure designs are according to specifications, perform unit tests and regression testing

  • Alignment with team members and stakeholders

· Perform application support, debug and resolve technical issues

· Write documentation

Skills and experience:

  • Bachelor in Computer Science or similar professional IT Certification

  • Minimum 3 years of experience

  • Java development with a focus on back-end processes

  • Java 11 or higher, Spring framework, JPA, Liquibase, SQL, ORM, JSON, Maven, Domain driven design

  • Knowledge of Apache Kafka, Vaadin, jUnit, Docker, Kubernetes are a plus

  • Team focused, taking initiative, creative and eager to learn

  • Ability to achieve deadlines and communicate effectively

In this role, a typical day will include:

  • Java development within our in-house developed transport- and warehousing applications

  • Aligning with the analyst teams regarding requirement specifications

  • Work on the best practice technical implementation of a requirement, assisted by the lead developers

  • Align with Project Management Office regarding planning and project status

  • Within the development team take part of daily stand-up, team retrospectives and code review

  • Test and document the built solutions

  • Assisting in application support where required

  • Periodic training to improve development skills

20. Medior Java Developer: Client
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