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10 .NET Developer

We are looking for a .NET Developer to work in our team and join our world-class community of talented experts.

We offer our customers an omni-channel approach to making self-service purchases, and aim to expand beyond what we achieved so far.

The rebranding process was an all-team effort, and went beyond the (hard work of) re-designing our thousands of pay stations and well onto improving our service offering and re-asserting our customer-centric mindset.

No matter what payment method the clients choose (cash, card, mobile apps, QR codes, cryptocurrency etc.), they have access to modern technology and top-notch services, 24/7.

We want to make the future of payments safer, more modern, and more adapted to the customers needs, so we will continue to develop services to make life better for people, and transform the way they experience the process of bill payments – from time consuming, stressful moments, to easy, quick and safe journeys that let you focus on what matters most.

We believe that free time is one of life’s most important gifts, so one of our chief goals is to help you be able to make the most of it.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in architectural design and the creation development standards.

  • Lead or support development efforts to create new, or enhance, platform functionality.

  • Monitor the health and performance of our platform.

  • Discover and research problems, and work with the team to provide acceptable solutions.

  • Understand, analyze, and document client technical specifications and business requirements.

  • Pick up knowledge of tools required to complete the task successfully.

Position Requires:

  • BS/BA in Computer Science or equivalent experience

  • Proven experience as a senior software engineer

  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills

  • Development life cycle understanding

  • At least 3 years professional experience with: .NET 4+/Core Frameworks, ASP.NET, IIS, SQL Server 2012+, GIT, CI/CD practice

  • Other skills that will be valuable include: Could Systems - Microsoft Azure, Distributed systems, Microservices/SOA architecture, Angular 2+, .Net Core 2+, Kubernetes, Docker, RabbitMQ

Reasons for joining our team:

Our core beliefs are based on strong fundamentals such as:


We offer our clients high-quality services they can rely on GENUINENESS

We offer our clients transparency and security at any point PROXIMITY

We offer our clients easy-to-access services and assist them any time they need CREATIVITY

We offer to our clients innovative services to make their lives better AGILITY

We offer our clients permanent adapted services to the newest technologies PASSION

We offer our clients those services for whose development we’ve completely involved in

We offer a motivating package:

  • Two company vacation villas available (sea side and mountain side).

  • Infinite vacation starting with the second year. First year comes with 25 vacation days and Bank Holiday replacement.

  • Wellness packages for spa, pool, massage and other relaxation activities.

  • Ultimate Snack & drinks - healthy and unhealthy food. Choose your poison!

  • Happy Friday - Roof top party & all/anything you can eat.

  • Sponsored international conferences and training.

  • Anything you can read! Any book from Amazon / Safari / O’Reilly .

  • Sponsored certifications and courses.

  • Medical insurance and optional pension fund.

  • Yearly and surprise bonuses.

Apply by sending CV to

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